We're proud of the relationships we've built in our 40 years in business. Many of our customers have been coming to Yorktown since it opened in 1972.

But don't take our word for it. Read what our actual customers have to say about our service! 

“When a local business is run well, by people who care, the entire community benefits.”

Parma Heights Police Department Patrolman Jeff Dunnell,  Badge #54

-Patrolman Jeff Dunnell

“I’ve been coming here for 25 years.  Doug and I are like brothers. 

The customer service is phenomenal, the service, impeccable, the mechanics, top rate.  And the food is surprisingly good.  The eggplant parmesan sandwich is one of the best.”

Dan Neff, Strongsville

-Dan Neff, Strongsville

“They’re honest and straightforward.  You can get in and out very quickly…it’s like the neighborhood store. 

There’s never a frown at Yorktown – it’s always service with a smile.”

24-year customers Bernie and Mary Gerdes, Parma Heights

-Bernie and Mary Gerdes, Parma Heights

“I’ve been coming here too many years to count.  Over 10.  You get solid, professional service. 

I trust their expertise in the automotive area.  It’s family-run.  I support Parma Heights businesses, and they do great mechanical work.”

Bob Felty, Parma Heights

-Bob Felty, Parma Heights

“I started coming here literally when Doug opened 40 years ago. I was still in high school. I was 16 and it was right after I started driving.

What I like most about Yorktown is the absolute resolve to satisfy the customer – whatever it takes. 

Everyone in my family comes here. To be honest, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Larry Kwiecien, Parma Heights

-Larry Kwiecien, Parma Heights

“I came here one New Year’s Eve with a mechanical problem.  I remember it was so busy, I had to park next door in the Parma South Presbyterian Church parking lot.  The mechanic walked over, got the car, fixed the problem, and I was on my way. 

I’ve sent a lot of people here.  I highly recommend them.”

Richard Salisbury, retired Parma City School District Principal and Parma Heights resident

-Richard Salisbury

“It’s our one-stop shop.  We have our cars repaired here and washed.  And we buy our gas here.  I’ll come in to the convenience store to get a pop.
I like the friendly, family atmosphere and the excellent customer service.”

Dr. Sarah C. Zatik, former Superintedent, Parma City School District.  Current Superintendent, Northmont Schools, and Strongsville resident

-Dr. Sarah C. Zatik

“This is second generation.  It’s what Parma Heights is all about.
The residents have a comfort and a trust level with Yorktown Service Plaza and owner Doug Shull.  The business is an anchor for our community.
It’s more than just an automotive place.  There’s always a reason to stop in.  It’s a gathering place in the community.  I’m here at least twice a week.”

The Honorable Michael P. Byrne, Mayor, The City of Parma Heights

-Mayor Michael P. Byrne

If you need help (with anything) it’s there.  The people that work here are dedicated.
Doug Shull has made a huge investment in our city, and has made a huge contribution (as a businessman) to the community.”

Robert Verdile, retired Director of Economic Development and Current Councilman, The City of Parma Heights

-Robert Verdile

“It’s all about convenience. 

The service is second to none.  You can gas up your car, have your car repaired or washed, and it’s close enough (for me) that I can walk home.  They even offer to take me home if it is raining.

20-year Yorktown Service Plaza customer Julie Powers, Parma Heights.

-Julie Powers

“My husband Lee and I stop at Yorktown Service Plaza several times a week because it’s so convenient.  They have great coffee and very fresh sandwiches and salads. 

We also rely on Yorktown for all our automotive needs: from gas, to repairs and car washes.  The entire convenience store and auto repair area are so clean and well maintained - - and their folks are friendly and focused on customer service. 

I recommend Yorktown Plaza as one of the premier businesses in the Parma area.”

Dr. Patricia Campbell Rowell, Western Campus President, Cuyahoga Community College, and an Independence resident

-Dr. Patricia Rowell

“Trust is a huge thing.  I lease my vehicles, and it’s important to me that I don’t spend money I don’t need to spend. 

I like the friendly atmosphere, the integrity of the workers and the great service I always receive.”

David Nedrich, retired Director of Communications and Public Relations, Chevrolet Parma, and current Chief Executive Officer, the Parma Area Chamber of Commerce; with wife, Laurie.

-Dave and Laurie Nedrich

"I’ve known Doug Shull since the late 1980’s when a TV-8 videographer recommended I come here to do a news story.

What I love about Yorktown Service Plaza is the people that work here. They’re friendly, courteous and they make you feel like you are part of the family.

Kristy Steeves, former broadcast journalist, WJW-TV and current award winning photographer, Medina

-Kristy Steeves

“Doug and I have known each other our whole lives. 

I went to grade school with him at Pearl Road Elementary School. I lived on Edgehill and he lived behind me. 

I wouldn’t go anywhere else."

Mike Cottrell, owner, Yorktown Lanes Bowling Alley and Yorktown Catering Parma Heights, and North Royalton resident

-Mike Cotrell

“Doug (Shull) and his staff keep me coming back.

I’ve been a customer for 20 years. It’s a one-stop shop…professional…courteous…the employees are always happy – they start your day off with a smile. 

Don’t take your car back to the dealer (for service).  Come to Yorktown.”

Ed Stupka, Seven Hills

-Ed Stupka

“I started coming because the gas was the cheapest in the area.

I’m here everyday. They’re always so nice. It’s like a family. It’s like home.

You have to come to experience the friendliness first-hand. Doug (Shull) is constantly trying to make the place better. ”

Rose Carrabine, Parma

-Rose Carrabine

“I’ve been coming to Yorktown for about five  years. It’s like Cheers. You come in and everybody knows your name.
This is the place to go – the people make all the difference.”
Susan Bonko, Parma

-Susan Bonko

“We’ve been coming to Yorktown since 1979.  For 33 years, no one else has touched my car. 

We live in Avon (a 40 mile round-trip) and we only bring our car here. 

Doug is honest.”

Marianne and John Miller, Avon

-Marianne and John Miller

“I come here every morning at 5:45 and get a cup of tea. They’re trustworthy.

 My 10-year-old loves their sandwiches. 

 The gas prices are very competitive, and the car wash is a big plus for me.

 They keep up with what’s going on.”

 Chris DePiero, North Royalton

-Chris DePiero

“I’ve been coming here for about 12 years. I came here after visiting another service station. I had a slow leak in one of my tires, and they told me I needed new brakes. I came here to get a second opinion, and, as it turns out, I didn’t need brakes. 

There’s a lot of integrity here. And they are extremely honest. You’ll love the owners.  Tell Mary and Doug that JoAnn sent you.”

JoAnn E. Mason, Director of the Donna Smallwood Activities Center and Office on Aging, the City of Parma

-JoAnn E. Mason

“Their coffee is the best in the city!

They have everything I need.  I come in three or four times a day.  I love it!”

Ed Gorczyca, 89, Parma Heights

-Ed Gorczyca

“When you leave here, you always feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth. 

We’ve been coming here for 28 years, and we’re in here three to four times a week.”

Betty Lou and Walt Dembkowski, Parma Heights

-Betty Lou and Walt Dembkowski