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July 11th, 2012

safety tipsSummer is here with its hot temps and longer daylight. With summer right here it also indicates that more people are striking the roads for summer road vacations and summer cruises around the town. What people may not be aware of is that summertime driving is just as hazardous as winter season driving. Investigations reveal that traffic accident fatalities increase in the summertime due to the fact that individuals usually tend to spend even more time on highways.

Charles Powell, maker of Passing the Developed DMV Test propose that everyone brush up on their defensive driving skills in order to guard their loved ones and themselves every summer season.

We really should constantly be mindful and respectful to others on the highway no issue what climate are. So when driving this summer time make certain you follow these few uncomplicated driver safety tips when driving to maintain your family members as well as loved ones safety.


1. Don't speed – Don't be such in a hurry to get to were you need to be. Give your self enough time to get to your destination. Don't be a last minute person who speeds on the roads weaving in and out of traffic endangering peoples lives.

2. Be aware of the road ahead – Pay attention to the road, looking farther ahead so you can detect and avoid any dangerous situations before or as they happen. Such as children and/or pets running into traffic, or cars coming to a abrupt stop.

3. Give enough space – Don't tail gate, give yourself enough space from the driver in front of you. The rule of the roads say that you should leave a 3-second gap between you and the driver in front of you.  This is so you have enough time to react to any abrupt stops.

4. Proper signaling– Signal your intentions on the road. The rule of the roads say that you should signal for at least 3 seconds before switching lanes or turning. The point of signaling is to let other people know what you are doing in advance.

If we all just follow these basic rules on the roadway, we could make certain that all of us have a protected summer time. So when driving this summer season, make certain your being considerate and respectful to others on the road so we can have a risk-free and also enjoyable summer time.

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